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Our Philosophy

To ensure the service provided to our clients never falls short but wherever possible exceeds their expectations. This will be achieved by the understanding and appreciation of our client’s requirements and applying the service required to meet those needs.

Whether the customer requires only one visit per annum or a fully manned site, our service would be tailored to suit whilst ensuring our clients meet all Heath and Safety Legislation requirements for both the maintenance of their equipment and the environment their staff work in.

The relationship between Cathedral Building Services and our clients is paramount to the success of our company. To achieve this we ensure regular contact whether by formal meetings or on a more informal basis.

We believe no client is too small and through the years have seen many of our clients grow and are proud to have been part of that process by both giving help and advice when they expand into new premises, and by the installation of new equipment that may become necessary as a result of that growth.

The success of Cathedral Building Services is based upon our clients, our staff and all associated suppliers and contractors, and the trust and confidence we have to deliver an outstanding service.

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We understand the unique needs of not only the services we provide, but the industries we work in.
Our clients include a large number of organisations with demanding requirements.